A review of the Thick of Things

As i grow older and wiser in love and life, i really like my leading romance ladies to be so much more than looking for Prince charming. In the Thick of Things, Khalila does not disappoint. She’s independent, she’s sexy and passionate about her life and others. We know that with or without Douglas she will survive, but i was routing for Douglas.

Douglas, also very much an independent man is driven to prove himself to be worthy of a chance, so he thinks before he acts and reacts to Khalila.  Which is all a man really has to figure out how to do to succeed with the woman he loves.

This story is a wonderful read, it’s sexy but sweet. It addresses deep issues of sorrow but gives hope and the reader is quickly taken up with the lives of each character. The best stories are those where you wonder about the love-story of the other characters because they’ve made such an impression on you and i hope to be reading about Corinne and even Trent at another time.

JL Campbell has woven a charming tale of love, and second chances and i am pleased to be able to review and now recommended it to others.

Keep Writing JL.




Review of Kidnap

I ran across the Halle Berry movie Kidnap on the #Firestick that i wanted to see for a while but life kept getting in the way.  Let me tell you how it went. Yes, why didn’t she take her son with her when she got the call. Why wasn’t her eyes on him, all the time, she was close enough to see him but she turned around. It’s a dumb mistake but we know he has to be kidnapped so i let it go.  I’m quarter way through the show and it’s not what i expected. The initial chase is weird, why didn’t she run over these people when she got a chance.  Why didn’t she ram the vehicle early on, on the highway.

Geezanages, i’m screaming “the kidnappers just got out their car and walked towards yours and they are still alive.”

Ok, so the show is kidnap, i remind myself again so i know most of the show he has to be kidnapped but i am halfway through now, wanting to switch it off until the mama rage kicks in. I love the mama rage which stays true until the end. #mamarage


I would watch it again, not for a while though but it passed my show-meter.  #HalleBerry gave a realistic performance, the writing drags a bit but it ends well.  Every mother i know will go the distance #mamarage, it’s hard to watch a child being kidnapped on film, to even live it in your imagination breaks your heart.

Overall it was a good watch.




Out of Mind

Today, like many times before i was asked a question. What do you think about a certain person? Instead of not commenting or commenting i simply replied, i don’t think about that person. 

Simple, truthful yet powerful to me.

I am not sure what the other person got out of it but i felt liberated and satisfied that in that moment i calmly put a person that i may have grumbled about in the past where they belonged – out of mind. 

So many bad situations are fueled in life by us thinking about it too much. So today, I ask you to take the time to clear your mind and give things that love you a priority.

Things like writing!

Have you written lately? Let’s build that muscle in 2018. 




Book Review: The Protectors’ Pledge: Secrets of Oscuros

Another great review.

The Protectors’ Pledge: Secrets of Oscuros by Danielle Y.C. McClean is the 2016 third place winner of the Burt Award for Caribbean Literature.

JV is an adventurous eleven-year-old boy on vacation from school. He lives with his grandmother who is the quintessential Caribbean granny; she loves to feed everyone who comes to her house. She is also the ‘medicine woman’ in their village.

JV has plans of exploring the forest for the vacation, he is very excited, but his grandmother and other villagers discourage him from doing so because of their suspicions and beliefs that the forest is the home of mythical/folklore creatures.

JV defies his grandmother and goes further into the forest that she has instructed him to. On his first visit, he goes with two friends, but they leave separately, and JV sees a strange woman in a river that makes him curious about who or what she was. He suspects that…

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Book Review: Girlcott by Florenz Webbe Maxwell

#CaribbeanBookReview #BurtAward

Girlcott by Florenz Webbe Maxwell is the 2016 second place winner of the Burt Award for Caribbean Literature.

Fifteen year old Desma could not be more excited about her upcoming sweet sixteen birthday plans. She has also recently won a very prestigious scholarship that would give her the opportunity to become an Actuary.  Everyone is happy for her and her life is seemingly perfect until a boycott threatens to disrupt, even cancel her birthday lime at the local cinema.

A group named the Progressive Group has initiated opposition to segregation in Bermuda. At first, Desma is very annoyed at the disruption until several unsavoury incidents happen to her and her family. She changes her view and decides to do something about it.

This is another deserving book from the Burt Awards. This book can be of interest to children in primary and secondary schools. It shows the growth in Desma’s mindset when she…

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Protector’s Pledge a gripping mystery

A review by Debbie Jacob for Trinidad’s Newsday. A big shout out to author Danielle McClean

Repeating Islands


A big shout out to author Danielle McClean, who was my student at Vassar College!!

A review by Debbie Jacob for Trinidad’s Newsday.

Don’t be surprised when you read the annual CODE Burt Award-winning, Young Adult (YA) novels, and feel that you prefer a different order for the three winning books. They are so close in literary merit and so different in genre or writing style that I find it is difficult to rank the winners in any particular order. In my book, they all deserve first place.

Today, I introduce you to the third-place winner, Secrets of Oscuros: The Protectors’ Pledge by Trinidadian-born author Danielle YC McClean, who now lives in the state of Tennessee in the US.

Combining folklore and adventure into a gripping story about identity and how we perceive ourselves in the world, McClean constructs a genre-bending mystery, which appears to be the first book…

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Book Review: Dreams Beyond the Shore

Dreams Beyond the Shore by Tamika Gibson is the 2016 first place winner of the Burt Award for Caribbean Literature.

Dreams Beyond the Shore simultaneously chronicles the life of the daughter of a political leader on the heels of elections in Trinidad and Tobago, and her love interest, Kyron, the son of a shady businessman. Chelsea Marchand wants nothing more than to be a Writer, but her father Dr. Peter Marchand is openly unsupportive of her creative pursuits. He wants her to be a Lawyer, and eventually follow in his footsteps towards the political arena.

Chelsea and Kyron met when they are both in the registration line at the University of the West Indies. Although Kyron is attracted to Chelsea, he initially judges her by her obvious financial security. He, himself, is financially secured, compliments of his father with whom he has no real relationship. Kyron doesn’t learn that Chelsea…

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“A Brief History of Seven Killings” to be adapted for Amazon Studios

Repeating Islands


Many thanks to Geoffrey Philp for sharing the news “’Insecure’ Director to Adapt Man Booker Prize-Winning Novel for Amazon Studios” from the Hollywood Reporter; Marlon James is working on an adaptation of A Brief History of Seven Killings for Amazon Studios. Melina Matsoukas, chief director of the HBO series Insecure, is developing the project as a series:

Marlon James is writing the adaptation of ‘A Brief History of Seven Killings’ with Jill Soloway, Eric Roth and Malcolm Spellman on board as executive producers.

Melina Matsoukas, chief director of the HBO series Insecure, is tackling an adaptation of the award-winning Marlon James novel A Brief History of Seven Killings for Amazon Studios. Matsoukas is developing the project as a series and will executive produce as well as direct the episodes. Teaming with her is James, who will write the script as well as executive produce, while Malcolm Spellman…

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Book Review: Musical Youth by Joanne C. Hillhouse

#CaribbeanBookReview #BurtAward @code_can Book Review: Musical Youth by Joanne C. Hillhouse winner of the Burt Award for Caribbean

musical_youthMusical Youth is beautifully written. It is a pride to Caribbean young adult fiction. Though it addresses a current and very real social issue, the writer skillfully educates you while she takes you back to the innocence of school days in the Caribbean. You can’t help but remember your first crush, how every little thing they did is permanently etched in your memory.

There is a good blend of characters throughout the book, and they complement each other well. It was also refreshing to read a story about children doing positive things.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this book and would certainly recommend it to fellow readers.

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Book Review: All Over Again by A-Dziko Simba Gegele

#CaribbeanBookReview #BurtAward @code_can All Over Again by A-Dziko Simba Gegele winner of the Burt Award for Caribbean Literature.

alloverThis book features the life of a 12 year old boy as he goes about his days, doing regular things. The catch is that so much of what adults may deem simple is totally disruptive to this poor child’s life. It reminds me of the movie American Psycho without the killing.

At first I could not connect with the rhythm the book was written in until I recognized that it was adding to the way the main character’s thoughts were playing out. The style was also age appropriate.

Nothing is insignificant to the boy. He breaks down everything that happens to him throughout the book.  I felt enlightened as to how complicated a child’s presumably simple life can be.

The story is well written and edit, one of the best Caribbean books I’ve read in a while. All Over Again is a good read and deserving winner of the Burt Award for Caribbean Literature in 2014.

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