Day Four #NanoWriMo

Day four of #NanoWriMo and I passed the 10,000 word mark. (Happy dance) My target is twice that of the allotted 50,000 so I might just be a little behind but the day is still young.

I am working on the second book of my paranormal romance and yes this one has vampires.


Arn and Luna control Moorland, she is the Queen of the Fairies and he is the Lycan Alpha, their love and their powers are legendary. However with four children they lock horns in private almost every day as they have two very different parenting styles; Arn practices tough love while in Luna’s world a royal is pampered. We follow their love, their rule and the coming of age of their eldest children, a twin Leon and Arnya.

Even though Arnya is being trained to be the crown princess of the Fairies her heart wants to be a wolf and with her brother’s help she infiltrates a male Alpha-in-training competition in disguise by pretending to be him. Leon isn’t interested in the duties of any of the kingdoms and disregards the laws of the land and befriends a human who is secretly watching over a hidden vampire den that is preparing to attack. Arn and Luna are faced with the hardest decision they will ever make. How do they choose their children when they are in breach of the very laws they have asked others to uphold.

Arn is willing to put the pack first, saying that the needs of the family and the needs of the pack are the same but Luna isn’t. It starts a series of events that not only test the strength of their love but ensues a battle for the survival of both their people and ushers in a new world order.

You can support authors all over the world (like me) by donating to #NanoWriMo.

Marsha Gomes-McKie


Cover Ghost    Small2



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