Thoughts – A Tribute to Maya Angelou

Critics May Lie

I was going to write with haste, knowing exactly what I wanted to say.

But as time passed I wondered if I really did.

I was taught to think before I speak because I should mean what I say, even if it takes a week and the heat of the banter has passed away.

Do I need this long to ponder the words? I know what inspiration was inspired by this woman, in my heart, in my thoughts, I know.

I can’t recall the first time I heard her name or if I’ve read every book she’s written.

What stayed with me was the feeling of being connected to the spirit in her words and the honesty in her laugh fluttering through my ear, embedding itself in my memory.

Maya Angelou

So many poems I wrote thinking of her.

Tried to follow the natural flow of the words, pulling it like a string of emotion from my heart…

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