Beauty After Baby: The Honest Response

Beauty after baby…interesting read.

Critics May Lie

It’s been too long y’all! WordPress reminded me yesterday that it was my four year anniversary. !! *Cheers* !! So I’m here and I will try to keep everything updated (like I’ve never promised that before *hides face in shame*) because there is a lot of stuff I want to write about but never do simply because I’m either too busy or too lazy. Always at either end of the extreme. Gah! Me! Anyway…

So I read this article (link below this paragraph) a week ago or so and I keep coming back to it. Apparently it’s been out a while so you all may have seen/heard/read it already. It kinda made me angry and sad at the same time so I’m just going to say what I have to say about it.

Beauty After Baby: The Honest Truth <—– Original Article

I appreciate this woman’s honesty. This is how she feels…

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