My only response to #CaitlynJenner Fans on Facebook

equal rightsThe great thing about free speech and rights is the day your rights or opinion shuts me up it becomes wrong. Natural justice inclines that you can’t take away the Christian right to disapprove of #CaitlynJenner in favour of your right to approve. The very thing you don’t like happening to #CaitlynJenner is the very thing you are doing to others and if you succeed in silencing someone because of their opinion then the very law upon which #CaitlynJenner and others have built a foundation on becomes null and void. To take away #ChristianRights is to take away #GayRights, #TransGenderRights and #WomenRights and everything in between. Go ahead, open Pandora’s box.

Facebook is right not to delete any posts when you report people. To silence one, is to silence all. Try instead to respect everyone’s opinion, don’t agree with it but treat all with so much reverence that they begin to check themselves. #lovemakestheworldgoaround

If you are passionate about the topic, blog about it, post about it, educate people about it but don’t un-friend people and get uptight and ask someone not to belittle when you haven’t been able to do the same in return.

Take the higher road. Whining, aggressiveness and complaining is doing nothing for your cause. Heads-up when they say equal rights for everyone it means everyone, not just people you like.

So check yourself, come back to earth and figure out how you can really help.




2 thoughts on “My only response to #CaitlynJenner Fans on Facebook

  1. betternotbroken

    I have to agree, I do not apply Christian doctrine to Caitlyn and I don’t know God’s opinion because I don’t speak for God and I don’t know why God would create people who struggle like Bruce so they want to be Caitlyn, but you cannot achieve tolerance by shaming others who do not tolerate the same things you do and you cannot achieve acceptance if you do not accept the beliefs of others as their right. I don’t see why some of us can’t quietly keep our opinions to ourselves. What have the trans rights people done for victims of domestic violence? For the most part, nothing. What have they done to ease the pain of victims of child abuse? Pretty much nothing. What have they done to fight the abuse of large corporations who have tainted our food supply with toxins like Roundup? I haven’t heard a peep from them officially on any of these matters. I don’t see them as a community building shelters or helping people out of shelters who are homeless. We all have our beliefs and causes, if you aren’t out there helping others then why do you expect people to take up your cause blindly and why do you feel you have the right to abuse others for your cause? You don’t. Have a blessed Sunday.


  2. Very True, so you might as well let people be


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