Marsha Gomes-McKie and the Caribbean Books Foundation

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Repeating Islands

CBF.33072In “A showcase for Caribbean books,” Verdel Bishop (Trinidad Express) writes about the Caribbean Books Foundation (CBF) and its founder, Trinidadian Marsha Gomes-McKie. Bishops says, “Although the Caribbean book industry continues to face a plethora of issues, there is a new NGO offering help.” Here are excerpts—please see the full article in the link below:

Caribbean Books Foundation (CBF), founded by Marsha Gomes-McKie, offers the most critical assistance as well as provide a starting point to ensure that authors have a supportive platform to thrive and succeed. The CBF’s main focus is to support authors by providing a promotional platform for their books after they are published regardless of being traditionally published or self-published.

Through CBF, which Gomes-McKie established in 2013, she has been reaching out and getting to know other authors around the Caribbean. It all started when Gomes-McKie, who is an author herself, envisioned a place…

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