OIP2There are parents who are not in a hurry for their children to resume school during a pandemic. It’s scary! Some children may be high risk, others may have to travel far, which increases risk, these are uncertain times and if given options, parents will be willing to work with the Ministry of Education to keep their children home for a longer period.

The issue is, there are three options for schooling in Trinidad, Public and Private School and Home Schooling. Home schooling is generally completed by parents or guardians, using an independent syllabus. However parents may be interested in another option at this moment, a SCHOOL HOME PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM.

The suggestion is an alternative learning experience for students and their families via public school. Families work with a certificated teacher and program to implement/develop a learning plan for the school year, and students complete the majority of their learning activities at home through instruction by their parents or guardians.

The teacher monitors student progress through scheduled testing and guides parents in carrying out the learning plan. The parent is responsible for teaching. The intent of this type of program is to give schools flexibility to serve there entire school population while reducing the number of children at school.

The specific requirements and expectations of these away-from-school learning activities are detailed in a written student learning plan developed and supervised by a public school administrator.


  • Schools can choose to work online, or give parents printed packages for the month or term. (It depends on what works.)
  • Parents are responsible for children learning the work given and getting ready for evaluation to remain part of the system.
  • The school is responsible for packages and scheduled evaluations but not teaching.
  • Schools can hire a certified teacher to organize the home-school program, separate from the teachers in the standard. The home-school teacher will liaise with the current standard teacher to get the schedule of the work for the term and distribute to parents or the teacher responsible for the standard can implement the program. It depends on the numbers.
  • Parents can pay an administrative fee to the school for this service and even hire their own tutors at home.
  • Students will still be apart of the school population and can join activities and events or re-join the school population when needed.   



  • Reduction in class sizes without expanding infrastructure. If the Ministry if Education can reduce the school population significantly enough, by getting some children on the SCHOOL HOME PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM then children who need to be at school may be able to social distance effectively, at school while their parents work.
Here are a few of the links of schools that use this program successfully.
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Marsha Gomes-Mckie
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