Self-publishing mantra!

I am not the writer who queries agents or looks for publishing contracts. i usually don’t enter competitions or keep an eye out for personal publishing opportunities. My first thought when i have completed a manuscript is self-publishing.

I love the control self-publishing gives me, yes I will also love to be traditionally published, even better i wish there was a hybrid between the two, where you can be self-published and have a traditional publisher market your work. One of the main reasons i self-publish is because my writing mission is to deliberately change the narrative of the genre that i write.

I consider my writing art. So, one of my genres is Romance, in my books you will always find a strong, loyal and dependable Black man, a smart, powerful Black woman. They will be married at the beginning, middle or end of the book. Marriage is not the end of the romance, in some books it is the beginning and i don’t shy away from writing about children. Family is everything.

You will find African Kings and Queens in my stories, as my idea of a Historical Romance is African based – the ancestry is so alive with stories, our stories. I don’t shy away from slavery topics either, I’ve completed in-depth research on Slavery but i like to write from the motherland’s perspective. Imagine telling the story from Africa, not the Caribbean or America. I also incorporate Folklore and African Religion seamlessly, i am proud of it all. The Blue Moon Series is about an African Lycan and a Black Fairy who births a Faecon; I tell ghost stories; I uncover folklore, like in the SouCou Yant and i delight in new ways of telling a story.

I love #OWNVOICES and this is my time to tell my stories.

I don’t want to hear about what is selling statistically, or that i should change a character to suit the market trend. I may be writing for another era but i am alive now so this is the only time i have. Maybe one day I’ll meet a publisher who is also building bridges, but until then I’ll self-publish with a smile.

Just because this is the road I’ve taken at the moment, doesn’t mean that traditional publishing isn’t for you. I’ll like to get traditional help with my picture books because i haven’t been illustrating that much and would welcome the push in that area.

So don’t box yourself in, be open to all avenues of publishing, but, at all times be true to your story.

If you are interested in learning more about #selfpublishing, #editing or #sensitivityreadings reach out. I will be posting my self-publishing webinar schedule soon.

Marsha –

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