Book of the Day resumes in 2017


Caribbean Books Foundation’s Book of the Day promotional book feature resumes in 2017. It will run from the 1st January to 30 November 2017. 

Books from the online catalog are chosen randomly and by genre to fill this feature and are usually set a month in advance.

Authors who join the online catalog at are also welcomed to request a date to be featured if the date correspondence with a book launch or book giveaway.

Caribbean Books Foundation is an international platform that connects the Caribbean Community and its Diaspora through its literature.






How to Find Yourself and Claim What’s yours by Carolyn Correia


how to find yourself

Carolyn’s, how to find yourself and claim what’s yours is a personal journey which is narrated by the author during her times of self-actualization. Throughout the book Carolyn takes us back and then brings us to the present as she shares what worked for her and what can work for us. The book is genuine as Carolyn, in her desire to make a difference and she lays life lessons at your feet.

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