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ImageI launched Family Matters this year, and after completing a huge plan, I realized that this plan was leading me back to full-time employment. I felt deep in my bones that going back to the traditional office scenario wouldn’t make the cut for me. I wasn’t going to substitute what I left with some other unfulfilling notion of what my life should look like.

John Lennon said that when he was 5 years old his mother told him that happiness was the key to life. When he went to school, they asked him what I wanted to be when I grew up. He wrote ‘happy.’ They told him that he didn’t understand the assignment. They didn’t understand life.

I’ve read so many inspirational books, gone to too many inspirational speeches, I know that I have the answer, yet I am afraid to ask the hard questions – what will make me happy? (… and can I make a living doing it, yeah this question always sneaks in.) I then asked myself the ultimate question, if you were to die tomorrow which part of this plan would you regret not implementing?

There were three areas and only one was directly part of the magazines’ plan. A few years down the line, I had hope to dedicate my resources to giving mothers the confidence needed to start their own business and to reclaim their families by taking control of their time and finances. I believe that women are economic magicians, a force of nature whose role in building the economy is underestimated. I also believe that a woman provides an emotional glue that stabilizes her household, when you take away her ability to be an effective wife and mother, it has a rippling effect; a door is open to social ills in the society.

We have a society of women who grew up thinking that they have to choose between work and family to prove their worth. We’ve focused so much on the glass ceiling that our reflection is no longer unique. We all know that the women who leave at four every day to see about their families rarely get invited to the boardroom.

You know what I realized, I’m not interested in being invited to the boardroom anymore, I’m going to own the boardroom and I’ll at leave a 2:30. Without apology, I am going to pick up my child from school and make sure she gets home safe. I am going to reduce the odds of mischief, delinquency and waywardness, just like my mother did. You see our generation wasn’t a wiser generation or more well-mannered that this one, it’s just that we were supervised by our mothers in such a way that put the fear of God into us.  We knew very well that if we weren’t home at a certain time, she would be waiting by the corner to beat us straight home.

As a parent, I don’t mind burning the mid-night oil to get work done, I don’t clock off and neither should you. Technology has given us a gift to be able to communicate at any hour, let’s have a Skype meeting at 8:30 pm when our children are asleep to plan the next day.

I am a new age woman and I am ready for the next step, I am screaming for woman to claim the workplace on their terms, when are we going to tear down these imaginary walls of importance and focus on results.

I am not going to choose; I will have this cake and eat it too. I do hope that some people are worried when they read this article. The revolution is coming.

It is inevitable.

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